Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Online Launch!

I can't believe it but Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is now officially released! In celebration, I am throwing an online party! Please come!

There are favors, contests, games and much more. Some of the fun requires that you are on facebook, but I've given some alternatives in case you aren't a facebook fan. I'd just be thrilled to see you there!

Have a cupcake, find out what Chinese Symbol you need to change your fortune or listen to an excerpt of the book. Also, TODAY ONLY I am offering special personalized & dated autographed bookplates. So, really, don't miss it.

In the meantime here is a preview of some of the "party entertainment" at the launch. It's a little interview about the inside notes of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon:

I hope all of this makes Where the Mountain Meets the Moon even more enjoyable for you or at least piques your interest in it. If it does, I humbly ask that you spread the word and invite others to the launch. Because it's not a party unless people come!

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