Sunday, September 13, 2009

Creationists Work to Keep a Movie about Darwin from Being Screened in the US

Here's a post at Wild Rose Reader that you might find interesting: Creationists Work to Keep a Movie about Darwin from Being Screened in the US. The post includes a video trailer of Creation, the movie about Darwin, and links to an article in the Telegraph (UK) and a post at Jonathan Turley's blog.


No Brit said...

Everybody knows The Americans are another species the british HATE with an unbridled passion.

The british hate that The Americans are another species, so they're trying to make them look like... get this... religious people. HAHAHAHA The brits are such poor losers. They invented Afrocentrism to fool the Africans into building their Israel, but that didn't work. And they NEVER fooled The Americans from Day 0. Columbus couldn't even do that!!

The british are such dumb, poor and hateful religious losers and liars.

Elaine Magliaro said...

No Brit,

You've left this exact same comment at my post about the Darwin movie at Wild Rose Reader and at Jonathan Turley's blog post on the same subject. It's too bad we can't have a civil discussion about the topic--that you find it necessary to insult the British.
I do find it troubling that there are people pressuring movie distributors and trying to keep them from having the movie screened in the US. What are you and the creationists so afraid of? A discussion of evolution? Knowledge? Can you help me understand why you think no one in the US should be able to see the Darwin movie?

alvinaling said...

Elaine, thanks so much for the link--this is hard to believe. It looks like a wonderful movie--a beautiful love story. I hope I get the opportunity to see it. I wonder if there's a petition starting to get it into the U.S.?

Libby Koponen said...

Elaine! I had never even heard of this movie until you posted this, now it's #1 on my must-see list. Everything about it looks great.

I loved what the actor said about Darwin on the (official) site -- very moving. I have loved Paul B. since MASTER AND COMMANDER; I hope it does come to the screen here, but if somehow censorship works (it's still hard for me to fathom how people can doubt evolution's existence), we can download it.

Thanks for telling about this!