Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A lovely review of Greta from School Library Journal

I hope everyone stayed safe and dry during the hurricane this weekend! We were very fortunate here in Northampton, for the most part the town kept power, though some of the surrounding areas were not so lucky.

Tomorrow is moving day for us, so my post is brief, just a review that recently came in for A Photo for Greta. Thanks SLJ!

"A bunny misses her photographer father when he’s gone on assignments. Sometimes she wishes she were the subject of his photo shoots. When he covers the circus, Greta imagines she is a circus performer. Then he photographs a country singer, and she plays the part in cowboy boots. When she aspires to have an important job like his, her father assures her that she already has the most important job–being his Greta. The short, sweet text offers young children reassurance as it follows the rabbit’s thoughts while she dreams of ways to be close to her dad. The acrylic paintings of an anthropomorphic rabbit family are reminiscent of those in Margaret Wise Brown’s Good Night Moon (HarperCollins, 1947) and verify the warmth of the narrative . . ."

–Carolyn Janssen, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, OH

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Libby Koponen said...

Oh m goodness, being compared to GOOD NIGHT MOON -- congrats, Anna! Of course you and Gretta deserve it but it's still a nice surprise!

Hope all goes smoothly on the move--can't wait to see the new place in person.