Friday, October 07, 2011


I'm signing this sunday with two other lovely authors in Brooklyn under the Brooklyn bridge in Dumbo. Here's the link so that you can get directions and all of that good stuff.

So why I'm posting is this: I will be giving away 5 drawings of Balto to people who buy my book that day. Just buy the book and I'll write your name and email down. I'll pull the names out before I leave. And because I don't trust myself I'm going to bring the drawings with me and will leave them at Powerhouse so that you can pick them up there. I think that's best. I don't trust myself to mail them to anybody! My first thought was to give the 5 drawings out to the first 5 people but that doesn't seem fair, does it?

These drawings will be with black marker on cardstock and will be colored in if I am ambitious enough and have enough time. I DO know how to go to far with things!!!

So come! It will be worth your while! These pieces of art may be worth money! I may be doing this "give away art" thing again because I'm doing one more signing coming up soon but I can safely say that they will not be colored in.


Libby Koponen said...

That sounds really fun and the people who get the drawings will be lucky.

btw I saw the video (right word? should I say "animation"?) on Amazon -- and I loved it. The paintings are beautiful and the way you mixed the real footage and book together is really cool.

Meghan McCarthy said...

thanks Libby! There's another video coming your way. Yes, I spent another several months making the one you're about to see. Stay tuned....