Saturday, December 31, 2011

last day of the year

2011 is ending! I plan on starting my resolutions and yearly conclusions at Chinese New Year (to give me some extra time) but today, I feel I must...

answer my reader mail!!

I know many authors discourage snail mail and would rather answer e-mail, but I am the opposite. I prefer the handwritten letter. I feel that if a child went through the bother to sit down and handwrite me a letter, they really want to hear from me. I try to respond back to each one, as I truly do value them.  Not that long ago, a plethora of reader mail was a problem I could only dream of.

However, it is extremely time consuming and I've been letting the letters pile up since the summer. I also know some authors use a kind of form letter but I've been reluctant to adopt that. But that leaves me with what I am doing now, spending the entire last day of the year writing belated replies.

How do you handle your reader mail?


Christina Farley said...

There is something about a handwritten letter. Really is a dying art.

Meghan McCarthy said...

I love the handwritten letter! Of course, I'm really bad with replying. I feel so guilty! I applaud you for doing it Grace!