Sunday, January 08, 2012

from the BRG archives: down to the cupcake level

This is an attempted group photo we blue rose girls tried to take of ourselves this weekend. The goal was to "take a picture with all of us and the cupcakes."

I made the cupcakes. Before I made them, I had grandiose schemes of piping professional-looking blue roses, awing everyone with my culinary expertise. However, as I began the attempt, I realized frosting roses were beyond my capabilities so down-graded to simple blue flowers. Yet, even trying to create the "simple" flowers was a challenge--the frosting was too soft, my kitchen too warm, my control was shaky and my time was limited. I remember being distinctly disapointed, feeling that my blue flowers resembled ameoba-like blue octopi. Yet, when I brought them to our blue rose girls weekend, it seemed as if everyone loved them and even I had to admit they were delicious. So, in the end, a nice warm sense of pride filled me.

And I realized, that is the epitome of my creative process. I always begin with dreams of creating a literary masterpiece; and, when faced by my own limitations, realize I can only do the best of my ability, which always seems to falls short. However, despite its flaws, it still finds ways of pleasing its audience; and even I appreciate what I've accomplished. And, in the end, I am proud of my creation.

But this weekend I realized one more thing. Perhaps all those imperfections are not flaws. Perhaps, like our failed, imperfect group photo, those are the things that make me love it even more.

Originally published September 25th, 2006


Anna Alter said...

I think this is one my favorite posts from the blog ever.

Libby Koponen said...

Me, too. And I remember the evening, too: when someone (you, Grace) said:
"We have to get down to the cupcake level!" so we all bent over the cupcajes --until someone realized that we could just raise the plate.

I think Alvina you actually posted about that?

Anyhow I love this post and it's a great description of the creative process, too.

It's hard to believe that was more than five years ago -- the time has gone by so quickly, and so much has happened since then.