Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wedding painting finished

Apologies for not finishing this post last week as promised! Here is the conclusion of the painting I posted about here, a gift for a friend who recently got married. These are her pets Janie the lab and Splash the cat.

Sketching in their clothes:

Refining figures and outfits:

Building pattern on dress and flowers (based on her actual dress and bouquet):

Finished it off with some daisies and bubbles, again based on the actual wedding:


ChatRabbit said...

Oh, man....soooo cute!
They will love it!

Kimbra Kasch said...

So fun - a dog and a cat - now that's got to be a union filled with conflict ;-)

My husband is a Republican and I'm a Democrat - and I thought we had disagreements. Sheesh...

Anna Alter said...

Its funny, the real Splash and Janie actually adore eachother! Thats how I got the idea. They curl up together and play and clean eachother. I've never seen a cat and dog get along like that!

Christine Tripp said...

I'm exhausted just seeing all the stages of your laying of paint Anna! Those are some very lucky friends of yours to recieve such a gift!

Doda said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the process.