Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Minipage Me!

Last week, I was featured in the MiniPage! The MiniPage are the Sunday newspaper supplement for kids, inserted with the colored comics (oh, how I loved those!). I think my younger readers were more impressed with this than seeing Ling & Ting in the NYTimes.

Wasn't in your paper? It wasn't in mine either, but you can download the MiniPage issue HERE!


d-michiko-f said...

It was in my parents' Sunday paper in Orange County, CA! What a thrill to see you! And I thoroughly enjoyed LING & TING!

Stella said...

Oh, I love The Mini Page! As a school librarian I used to collect them but haven't seen them lately. Congratulations!

Linda A. said...

Grace Lin,

Someone just told me about this group blog. I saw you in the Mini Page recently too! What a thrill! I would like permission to link your group blog to a post I'm writing about the benefits of group blogs. May I? It will be posted at (a Christian conference in Greenville, SC in Feb. 2011.) The planning team has a group blog and I post an article entitled "Thrift and Gift!" It features a writing resource each week. If you'd like to contact me for more information, please write me at

Linda A.