Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Minipage Me!

Last week, I was featured in the MiniPage! The MiniPage are the Sunday newspaper supplement for kids, inserted with the colored comics (oh, how I loved those!). I think my younger readers were more impressed with this than seeing Ling & Ting in the NYTimes.

Wasn't in your paper? It wasn't in mine either, but you can download the MiniPage issue HERE!


Anonymous said...

It was in my parents' Sunday paper in Orange County, CA! What a thrill to see you! And I thoroughly enjoyed LING & TING!

Stella said...

Oh, I love The Mini Page! As a school librarian I used to collect them but haven't seen them lately. Congratulations!

Linda A. said...

Grace Lin,

Someone just told me about this group blog. I saw you in the Mini Page recently too! What a thrill! I would like permission to link your group blog to a post I'm writing about the benefits of group blogs. May I? It will be posted at (a Christian conference in Greenville, SC in Feb. 2011.) The planning team has a group blog and I post an article entitled "Thrift and Gift!" It features a writing resource each week. If you'd like to contact me for more information, please write me at

Linda A.