Friday, June 10, 2011

Showering a Mother-to-Be with Children's Books!

Two weeks ago, I posted a few of the pictures that I took at my daughter’s baby shower. It was a wonderful event! Everyone who attended commented on the way I had decorated the room…with board books, picture books, poetry books, and alphabet blocks.

I still have plenty more books to give to my daughter and my son-in-law. But they won’t be the only ones reading to my grandchild! I’ve volunteered to take care of my grandchild three days a week when my daughter is back at work after her maternity leave. I plan to read hundreds of my favorite books to my first grandchild. I can’t wait because reading aloud to young children is one of the things that I love to do most. It’s something that I’ve really missed since I retired from my school library position in 2004.

Here is a poem that I wrote many years ago
about the joy of sharing books
with my Sara when she was a little girl:


A book and chair
Are nice to share
When the edges of day
Are melting away
Into the night.

A book and a chair
Are nice to share—
Touching and talking,
Reading and rocking
Into the night.

BTW, The Horn Book has an excellent article titled What Makes a Great Baby Shower Book? by Viki Ash and Betty Carter. You can read it here.

At Wild Rose Reader, I have an original memoir poem titled Rain Barrel.

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Ella Schwartz said...

Lovely!! I always gift children's books for baby shower gifts. I think it's the best present for new parents. Congrats on the upcoming birth of your grandchild!

Grace Lin said...

congrats, elaine!!

storyqueen said...

This is absolutely lovely! I can't imagine a more beautiful way to welcome a baby into the world.


Anna Alter said...

You are going to be a fantastic grandmother Elaine!

laurasalas said...

Elaine, what a treat! Thanks for sharing the pix and your poem--love that wearing away of the edges of day. Beautiful.

Lucky grandbaby!

Deb Lund said...

So sweet! What a wonderful welcome to the world. Yes, reading to kids is what I miss most about my library time. It's still the part I like best about my book events, too. What a lucky little one, and what a smart, lucky grandma! Enjoy...