Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still not sure what to give for Father's Day?

I can help you there. A Photo for Greta makes the perfect Father's Day gift. After all, The New York Times called it a "paean to paternal love" and Publisher's Weekly says "Alter displays notable sensitivity to children’s insecurities and doubts, while providing reassurance of their worth". What more recommendation do you need?

Okay, enough advertising. Happy Father's Day everyone! Hope you spend Sunday celebrating all the great dads you know. I will be celebrating the guy below with a beer tasting, Indian take-out, and letting him sleep in while I take the baby at 6 am (for once).


Libby Koponen said...

Aw. Tilda looks so happy and energetic! (And I hope it's not mean to say that Bruno looks rather pale -- or is it just the lighting?) I'm often struck by this contrast in parents and babies, especially first-time parents -- the rosy, happy, bursting-with-energy baby and the pale exhausted parents.

Well, not too hard to figure out the reason for that one.

And I hope lots of people buy Greta, now and in the coming months and years! I bet they will.

Anna Alter said...

Yes she loves riding on his shoulders, its her new favorite thing. And yes, we have probably both looked better. Tilda's really giving us a run for our money with her sleeping habits (or lack thereof)!