Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A few pictures from the Virginia Festival of the Book

This year, in addition to visiting schools, I gave a book talk as part of Va Book's Storyfest line-up. It was a rainy day, but we had a nice group of families. Here are a few pictures, taken by my dad, our photographer for the day.

Coloring sheets for all:

Artwork on display:

Talking to kids about how to make a book:

Drawing demo:

Kids making their own illustrations:

And coloring in my drawings:

A quiet moment at the end of the day:


Libby Koponen said...

It was fun to see all of these, but my favorite is the one of you and Tilly. You both look so beautiful!

Anna Alter said...

Thanks Libby!

Jen Downey said...

Hi Anna,
Is your mom, Lee Alter by any chance? If so, Lee and I have known (and liked!) each other for years, and it's so good to run into you here. If not, please forgive the nosy question! Great pictures - missed the whole Festival this year : (

Anna Alter said...

Hi Jen- Yes, that's my mom! She is actually in the picture of the kids making illustrations on the right in black. What a coincidence!