Thursday, April 19, 2012

An interesting idea!

I recently received an e-mail from author Kate Milford (whose book The Boneshaker I highly admire)  about an interesting promotional idea for her upcoming book The Broken Lands. It's a kickstarter project to self-publish a complimentary novella. This explains it better (from her Kickstarter page):

The big idea:
I’m publishing a novella companion to release this fall with my second book,The Broken Lands (Clarion, September 2012). I want to experiment with self-publishing as a way to promote and enhance traditional releases by providing extra content to readers in the form of complete, related tales. I also want to use resources that support independent bookstores. It's my hope to release a self-published novella alongside as many of my forthcoming hardcover releases as possible in an ongoing effort called the Arcana Project, which is why it has the optimistic subtitle.

Fascinating idea, is it not? What do you think? Part of me wishes I was a faster writer and could try doing this myself...

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Anna Alter said...

Interesting idea, kind of like dvd extras. I like the idea of self publishing and traditional publishing working together to promote a book, but I do wonder if the fundraising model is one that is sustainable book after book. Seems like a lot of money to raise!