Sunday, June 17, 2012

"The Dirty Cowboy" Banned from Libraries in a School District in Pennsylvania

Yesterday, I wrote a post for Jonathan Turley’s blog about the banning of Amy Timberlake’s book The Dirty Cowboy from elementary school libraries in the Annville-Cleona School District in Pennsylvania. Earlier this year, the parents of a kindergarten child complained about Adam Rex’s illustrations in the book. The parents felt that Adam Rex’s illustrations of the cowboy’s partial nudity in the book were “pornographic” and wanted it banned. After the parents made the complaint, the district’s book review committee voted 5-1 to remove the book. In April, the school board agreed with the parents and voted unanimously to remove the book from school libraries in the district.

School District Bans 'The Dirty Cowboy' Book


Anna Alter said...

Thanks for posting this Elaine. This kind of puritanism really frightens me!

Douglas Florian said...

I wonder if there's a sequel in the works: The Dirty Cowgirl.