Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Dear readers:

As you've probably noticed, posting has been quite sparse this summer. We want you to know that we have not forgotten you and remain devoted to the readers that have inspired us to post for so long. This has been a particularly busy time for all us Blue Rose Girls; I don't think we have ever had a stretch where each and every one of us has been so occupied by other things! Between travel and new babies and wedding planning, I'm afraid blogging has been the last priority on the list. Please bear with us while we soldier on through these next couple months and know that we will be back full force soon. In the meantime, we will post as often as we can.

Below are a few things going on in my world lately.

First plane trip with a toddler:

(she quietly read the in flight magazine for much of our first leg)

First haul of pick-your-own at our CSA:

First visit to a local beach:

Soon we'll be packing up for Alvina's wedding! Can't wait!


Elaine Magliaro said...


Tilda looks so grown up!

Mike and I are shareholders in CSA--Appleton Farms in Hamilton and Ipswich. It's a beautiful place owned by the Trustees of Reservations.


My summer has been crazy. I completed the final draft of my "Things to Do" manuscript about a month ago. Now I can't wait to find out who will illustrate it.


P.S. Julia took her first steps on her own of the Fourth of July!

Anna Alter said...

Hi Elaine- First steps, so exciting! How old is she now?

We love having a CSA, there are so many amazing ones to choose from out here in western MA. I didn't realize the Boston area had some options, that's great.

Please post when you know who will illustrate your book!