Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Our Sixes

Awhile ago, when she was just starting the book that became Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, Grace posted about Faulkner's six -- the six things Faulker thought every novel was "about," or should be. Grace then went on to post her own six  -- to me, a much more interesting list, since it was her list about a specific book.

She said she was sure the list would change. And one of the things that makes the list interesting to read now is that one of the main themes in WTMMTM -- gratitude -- isn't on it. I love that -- and what it shows about the aliveness of the story.

I hope this novel I'm writing comes alive in that way (or is alive already, I'm REALLY trying not to judge it as I write; I haven't even read it all the way through). And if it does, maybe my list will change too. Or maybe it will come alive without the list changing -- but anyway, here are my six:

coziness vs. adventure

Even if the list changes, it's good to feel, or have the illusion, that the book is about something!

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