Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Come to my booklaunch & I might paint your portrait!!

Starry River of the Sky is almost here! I'm planning a glorious book launch! Instead of my usual talk and reading, I'm planning an interactive reader's theatre and game! If all goes as planned, you'll hear a Chinese legend, shoot imaginary arrows and be rewarded with the moon...or at least a super starry goodie bag! And what makes those goody bags starry?

Well, in two of those bags will be a copper coin (as well as other goodies, like a Starry River of the Sky poster!). If your bag has the copper coin in it, you are a grand prize winner!!!

The Grand Prize? I will paint your portrait (or your child's or your dog's...whomever you like) for you to keep forever and ever.

 So, if your bag has a coin, I will paint your portrait:

It would be a portrait of you, not the baby!
Wouldn't that be a fun thing to have? Or the perfect gift for someone (with the book)? Well, come to the book launch and it could be your portrait I'll paint!

Goodie bags are limited so reserve yours by reserving your book, but as usual I'll make extras--so come one, come all!

 Sunday, September 30th at 3pm Porter Square Books
 25 White Street, Cambridge MA
 617-491-2220 (reserve your copy today, which automatically reserves your goodie bag-- no tickets this time!)

Hope to see you!

 Not local? As usual, you can pre-order your book from Porter Square and I will sign it for you on launch day plus send along some extra goodies (probably not the cookies, though). And keep your eyes open--I'm having a virtual book party on October 2nd! Yes, games and prizes (special edition pocket pacys!) for even those who aren't nearby. You'll have a shot at winning a custom portrait, too!


Unknown said...

Placed my order today. So excited to get my copy and one for my friends. Have a fun book launch!

Meghan McCarthy said...

Grace, I love the portrait you did. Sweet!

Naomi Canale said...

Baby Dragon looks adorable! And getting so big. Congrats on the book launch--what fun!