Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Writing contest imported from Scotland


In Scotland every month they have a contest: write a story in fifty words. They always give you a prompt-- this month, it was "Use ‘Hebrides Overture (Fingal's Cave') Op. 26’ by Felix Mendelssohn as your starting point."

I found out about the contest from a friend, after the deadline -- she suggested that we do it and email each other our 50 words, just for fun.

We did -- and it WAS fun. Would you like to join us and post your story in the Comments? I will cut and paste them all into one post next week -- with or without real names, as each author prefers.

My Scottish friend wants to remain anonymous. I will tell whose is whose when I  post all the stories next week....if no one sends any, I'll still say which is mine--or maybe you know me well enough by now to guess?

And for the non-Scots (I am considering myself McLibby these days): these notes may make our stories more comprehensible.  "Island bred" could mean ANY island, but Staffa (where Fingal's Cave is) makes it one of the Hebrides....."turbine" means wind turbine. These provide much of the country's electricity and are a source of bitter controversy (and complaining) on many of the islands. Anyhow, here are our stories.




“Leave the iPad behind!” 
 My island-bred kids are sullen.  The speedboat will deprive them of cyber-fun:  “Been to Staffa before… Too cold…. Get seasick….. ”
Slumped, reluctant shoulders are slowly, inadvertently uplifted into sea- spray, wind and sunlight as the boat jolts through glistening waves, then planes – exultant - towards open sea.

# 2

The Hebrides switched off with his computer. Relieved at the excuse to stop writing, Hamish pretended only electricity had been needed to complete a masterpiece.
His wife said nothing to his turbine tirade; he got a beer.
“While it’s still cold,” he added, expecting disapproval --  not the meat ax.


Naomi Canale said...

Figment has great little contests like this as well to get the wheels spinning. Love what you ladies came up with! :)

I'm holding a little first paragraph contest of my own over on my blog this week. If you know anyone who isn't agented, you should point them in the way of the contest, if you would like. Thank you, ladies! :)

Anonymous said...
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