Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lucky Destiny Birthday Party!

If you've read my book Year of the Rat , you'll remember how one-year old Max has a Lucky Destiny party.

So, we had a Lucky Destiny Birthday Party for Rain Dragon! It was themed in red, for the luck:

As well as dragons:

first time I baked in the new house!

But the big event  is the destiny choosing! In The Year of the Rat, Max chooses his destiny at his birthday party. That is a real Chinese custom!  A one year old is presented with a variety of objects, each one symbolizing his/her future vocation.

We had Rain Dragon choose from money (finance manager), wrench (contractor),  computer mouse (computer programmer), book (author/librarian), thermometer (doctor), paintbrush (artist), ball (athlete), spoon (chef/baker), solar lamp (new energy engineer!).

After much hesitation, she chose....

she was a little overwhelmed by all the attention

The spoon!
maybe she will fulfill my cupcake dreams!

Yay!  Rain Dragon is going to be a chef!

Well, even if her lucky destiny isn't quite accurate, at least we know she had a very lucky  birthday party!

everyone clapped, so she clapped too!
I hope you have a Lucky Destiny Party with your one-year-old (or two, or three)! It's great fun!


jama said...

Yay! You don't know how happy I am that she chose the spoon!! She is now officially my favorite little chef :). What a lovely party!

Libby Koponen said...

Those decorations are amazing -- and it's hilarious that she chose the spoon.

I love the idea of these lucky destiny parties, maybe adults who are at loose ends should start having them too!

Tina Cho said...

Beautiful birthday party! Koreans celebrate their baby's 1st birthday doing the same thing of choosing their destiny. My children both chose pencils, hope they're smart!