Thursday, July 05, 2007

Behind the Book

Since the blog has been so slow lately (we all must be way too busy basking on the beach all day... uh-huh) thought I'd share this great web site I just discovered. Its called Behind the Book, and its just the sweetest web site, and company, ever. They pair up author/illustrator visits with low-income schools to promote literacy. Hurray! If any of you author/illustrators out there living in New York want to volunteer a visit, this seems like a fine organization to work with.


alvinaling said...

Anna, how did you hear about this organization?

Anna Alter said...

A friend discovered it through an illustrator's blog:

He has a write up of a visit he did with this group. They give every kid in the class a copy of a book by the author, so cool! Maybe you could coordinate with them in some way? I think they choose schools that have very few resources, so its a great cause.

alvinaling said...

Oh--ha! That's Edel Rodriguez's blog, I'm working with him on a book that's coming out next Spring, SERGIO MAKES A SPLASH. Coincidentally, one of our art directors is obsessed with his blog. She was going to ask me if I knew his art because she knew I was interested in picture book bios when she discovered that I was already working with him!

I'll talk to the folks at L,B about this, it sounds great!