Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Work in progress finale

Last Tuesday I posted the beginnings of a painting for my new book What Can You Do with an Old Red Shoe? here.

As promised here is the second half of the progression of this painting.

Last week we left off here:

Next I built up her bathing suit colors:

Then I worked up the ocean gradations, and layered some brown/pink shades on her fur and the sand:

I came back in with my brown pen and darkened up the outlines, painted the shell, started layering the bucket color:

More work on the bucket, and I went in to clean up and darken the oval border:

Finishing touches added and I greyed out the border a bit:

The painting is at that "mostly done" state where I can't think of anything else to change, but I know I may come back to it later and make some adjustments. So for now I put it aside and start on the next one...


Emily Jiang said...

So cool to see the process. I wish I had the talent to be an illustrator! Alas, my skills are barely good enough for a couple games of Pictionary.

alvinaling said...


Anonymous said...

gorgeous -- thanks for sharing your technique. One question: are you working in acrylic or watercolor or something else?


Anna Alter said...

Thanks guys! I'm using acrylic paints.

JenFW said...

How long between each of those steps? One after the other, or do you have to wait?

Kudos for remembering to take pics at each stage. I love seeing the changes! (Do you get tired of hearing that?)

Anna Alter said...

Hi Jen,

Hmm, I guess I did the painting over the course of days, but for the most part the steps are continuous, not as segmented as it looks in the post. I usually take a lot of pictures of my process to use in school visits and presentations and the like.

Meghan McCarthy said...

Nice. Thanks for sharing!