Monday, August 06, 2007

Hiding out

The past week has been so hot and swampy in Boston I've beed hiding out in my bedroom, the only room with ac in our house, to work on my new book Red Shoe. I am moving in a couple weeks, so with half our belongings packed away in boxes I just plopped down on the floor and started painting on a box, away from the rest of the busy house and, gulp, my computer.

Holed up and tucked away I've been noticing how much more I'm getting done outside my studio, in a new space. Part of that is probably due to the distraction of computer- when I'm in my studio I compulsively check email and read blogs and generally distract myself with this thing. Sitting in a quiet internet free room I can paint for hours... after getting over the first few compulsive urges to run downstairs and see if I've missed any exciting emails in my inbox of course!

The other lovely thing about this set-up; less of a commute for taking naps...


Libby Koponen said...

This made me laugh -- that pose!

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who hopes for (and checks FAR too often for!) exciting emails....

Anonymous said...

Me three, with regards to email.

Anna, the paintings are charming. Will you post some up close?

Loved seeing your palette. All the colors in a circle. Mine go in an arc.

Grace, Linda and Meghan, may we see photos of your palettes?


Anonymous said...
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