Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another "Red Shoe" painting in progress

Its been awhile since I've posted any works in progress, so I thought the blog was due for another "process" post. As I've mentioned in the past, I am working on illustrations for my upcoming book What Can You Do with an Old Red Shoe?, a cross genre poetry/craft/recycling book. Below are the steps I went through to paint Jack the bunny, who is very attached to his blanket.

This is the sketch originally shown to my editor:

Next I transfer the sketch to my painting surface using tracing paper:

Once the sketch is transferred, I tighten up the sketch once more:

Next I start laying in washes of color:

Working up the color more, adding a pattern to the blanket and a border:

To be continued next week!


Anonymous said...

Adorable! Anna, do you spray fix the pencil drawing before you start painting to keep the pencil lines from bleeding into the wet paint? I've had problems with watercolors acting wonky when painted on top of a sprayed sketch, so I wondered what you do. ~Lisa

Anna Alter said...

Hi Lisa,

I don't use spray fix on my sketch, usually the pencil just gets covered up by paint (acrylic) and doesn't cause any problems.

Anonymous said...

Anna, as a (bigtime) non-artist, it's always so fun to get a peek into the mysterious world of creating art. Thank you for taking the time to share your process!

Daniel Mahoney said...

Hi Anna,

This is the stuff I love about blogs-peeking in on how an illustrator illustrates! Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
Thanks for the reply. Aha! Acrylics! I'm always happy to avoid breathing in spray fix fumes. I hate using it because it traps all of the cat hairs floating around nearby and plops them onto my painting. : )

Anonymous said...
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