Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So, I received the official hardcover of the Year of the Rat! With my second novel and a third one on its way, I feel like a I can honestly call myself an author/illustrator, instead of "just" an illustrator. This is much like Fabio in the movie Zoolander:

"Yes! Yes! With this 'slash' award, it means that you consider me the best actor/model, and not the other way around. "


gail said...

These look beautiful together! I just finished a book and was trying to decide what to read next. Now I Know!

Very important slash indeed.


Laura said...

YAY for us RATS!!! ; )

Can't wait to read it!!


Dan Santat said...

How awesome is it that you even remember that line from the movie and referenced it to your career? I love that Zooander and I didn't even think of using it. Touche' Ms. Lin...... Touche'.