Tuesday, May 06, 2008

SCBWI workshop?

So, the lovely Anna J. Boll has been encouraging me to propose a workshop for the April '09 NESCBWI conference. This is all very well and good-- I think it would fun to go and I am fairly used to public speaking ...but I have no idea what to have a workshop on. The most popular programs at SCBWI conferences tend to be about getting published or promotion, neither of which are my particular expertise. Sure, I have done both--but not so successfully that I have anything new to share or any great insights. When I mentioned my dilemma to Anna, she kindly suggested that I consider other avenues. Here are the ones that I came up with (mostly with her direction):

1. How a midlist author can move up (Hey, that sounds great! I'm a midlist author, I want to go to that workshop! Hm, see my problem?)

2. A workshop for experienced illustrators (Can I do something with cupcakes?)

3. A panel with the Fusion authors that focuses on Asian authors/illustrators in the world of children's books.

4. A panel with the Blue Rose Girls that focuses on blogging and professional support.

5. Diversify one's career across genres--making the jump to picturebooks to early readers to novels (though my early reader won't be out until 2010!)

6. Answer any question (I was trying to think of a workshop I would've liked to gone to and I was thinking it would've been great to go and hear the no punches truth about everything--how much money, how many books, etc. But at the same time I'm not sure if I am brave enough to divulge everything...)

Which one do you like? Or do you have a better idea? I'd LOVE to hear it.


carterbham said...

I really like the idea of a BRG panel, but the fusion genre-jumping panels sound great too.

Barbara O'Connor said...

My top three (in no particular order)
The BRG panel. Everyone loves a panel because you get diversity of opinions, styles, etc. (It's also a lot less painless for the presenters.)

The Fusion panel - although this might attract a narrower audience (which isn't a bad thing, just food for thought)

The ask-me-anything workshop. I love that. I went to one of those years ago. I'm not sure, but I think it was Norma Fox Mazer. It was so interesting and casual and everyone learned a lot. Because of your level of experience, as well as your mixed genres, you have a lot to offer in a setup like this.(P.S. I think I saw Alvina at IRA last night - but she was across the room and I was at the bar so didn't want to holler out to her.)
Barbara O'Connor

Erin said...

I like 3 and 5.

Hope Vestergaard said...

I like 5 & 6 -- haven't seen those at any recent conferences and they will appeal to both seasoned and aspiring writers.

Anonymous said...

If I were going, I'd love to see all the BRG's together. That would be my vote.

A discussion about diversifying a writing career would also be interesting. I feel like writers are often discouraged from stepping out of their usual category or genre. But, since you've done it so well, your point of view would be very valuable.

Anonymous said...