Tuesday, May 06, 2008

SCBWI workshop?

So, the lovely Anna J. Boll has been encouraging me to propose a workshop for the April '09 NESCBWI conference. This is all very well and good-- I think it would fun to go and I am fairly used to public speaking ...but I have no idea what to have a workshop on. The most popular programs at SCBWI conferences tend to be about getting published or promotion, neither of which are my particular expertise. Sure, I have done both--but not so successfully that I have anything new to share or any great insights. When I mentioned my dilemma to Anna, she kindly suggested that I consider other avenues. Here are the ones that I came up with (mostly with her direction):

1. How a midlist author can move up (Hey, that sounds great! I'm a midlist author, I want to go to that workshop! Hm, see my problem?)

2. A workshop for experienced illustrators (Can I do something with cupcakes?)

3. A panel with the Fusion authors that focuses on Asian authors/illustrators in the world of children's books.

4. A panel with the Blue Rose Girls that focuses on blogging and professional support.

5. Diversify one's career across genres--making the jump to picturebooks to early readers to novels (though my early reader won't be out until 2010!)

6. Answer any question (I was trying to think of a workshop I would've liked to gone to and I was thinking it would've been great to go and hear the no punches truth about everything--how much money, how many books, etc. But at the same time I'm not sure if I am brave enough to divulge everything...)

Which one do you like? Or do you have a better idea? I'd LOVE to hear it.


carterbham said...

I really like the idea of a BRG panel, but the fusion genre-jumping panels sound great too.

Barbara O'Connor said...

My top three (in no particular order)
The BRG panel. Everyone loves a panel because you get diversity of opinions, styles, etc. (It's also a lot less painless for the presenters.)

The Fusion panel - although this might attract a narrower audience (which isn't a bad thing, just food for thought)

The ask-me-anything workshop. I love that. I went to one of those years ago. I'm not sure, but I think it was Norma Fox Mazer. It was so interesting and casual and everyone learned a lot. Because of your level of experience, as well as your mixed genres, you have a lot to offer in a setup like this.(P.S. I think I saw Alvina at IRA last night - but she was across the room and I was at the bar so didn't want to holler out to her.)
Barbara O'Connor

Erin said...

I like 3 and 5.

Hope Vestergaard said...

I like 5 & 6 -- haven't seen those at any recent conferences and they will appeal to both seasoned and aspiring writers.

Anonymous said...

If I were going, I'd love to see all the BRG's together. That would be my vote.

A discussion about diversifying a writing career would also be interesting. I feel like writers are often discouraged from stepping out of their usual category or genre. But, since you've done it so well, your point of view would be very valuable.