Friday, April 02, 2010

FULL OF...: An Original List Poem

It’s National Poetry Month. I’ll be giving away a children’s poetry book every week of April at Wild Rose Reader. If you leave a comment at one of my Wild Rose Reader poetry posts during the first week of April, I’ll enter your name in a drawing to win a copy of Falling Down the Page: A Book of List Poems edited by Georgia Heard. If you leave comments at two posts, I'll enter your name twice...and so on.
Book Giveaway Schedule at Wild Rose Reader
- First Week of National Poetry Month: April 1-7 (Winner announced on April 8th)
- Second Week of National Poetry Month: April 8-14 (Winner announced on April 15th)
- Third Week of National Poetry Month: April 15- 21 (Winner announced on April 22nd)
- Fourth Week of National Poetry Month: April 22-28 (Winner announced on April 29)
- Final Days of National Poetry Month: April 29-30 (Winner announced on May 1st)

Here’s a list poem I wrote a few years ago:

by Elaine Magliaro

Shoes are full of feet.
Candy’s full of sweet.
A pig is full of slops.
A bunny’s full of hops.
A farm is full of cows,
Chickens, pigs, and plows.
April’s full of showers
That bring us springtime flowers.
Winter’s full of snow
And blizzard winds that blow.
A forest’s full of trees…
Leaves swishing in the breeze.
The sky is full of blue…
And all the oceans, too.
The dawn is full of light
And dark fills up the night.
Bees are full of buzz
And black and yellow fuzz.
A spider’s full of silk.
A cow? Chock full of milk.
Rain is full of drops.
It drips and plips and plops.
Dreams fill up your head
At night when you’re in bed.
“And you?” you ask of me.
WHY…I’m full of poetry.


At Wild Rose Reader, I have a post with four of my original list poems, three list poems written by a good friend, excerpts from Falling Down the Page--and an invitation to write your own original list poem. I'll post the list poems that people submit to Wild Rose Reader next week.

The Poetry Friday Roundup is at Book Aunt this week.

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Mary Lee said...

I love how this poem ends! And my favorite fullness (at least in this poem) is the bees! Buzz and fuzz!!!