Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My school visit whirlwind is continuing. Before heading to Albany for the weekend, I did a quick talk with superstar author/illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka at my alma mater RISD. I admit, going back to the ol'Illustration Studies Buildings made me feel...

And while the imparting of any of my knowledge to future illustrators was questionable, what was quite certain was how much the school has changed. Not only did the students seem to already know the business basics which took me years to figure out after graduating, the campus itself was transformed. When I went to the ISB, the view looked like this:
(not real photo of the landscape, but accurate in its ambiance! Providence was doing major construction for the whole 4 years of my attendance).

But now, the landscape looks like this:
Jarrett, I think we were gypped!

Regardless, I think we were both glad we went and came back. We look happy, don't we?


Jarrett J. Krosoczka said...

Grace, it was so good to see you! Your speech was so inspiring! You're right, those kids were on the ball! Seniors who've already been to SCBWI conferences???? Wow!

And I hate to break the news to you-- but they finished all of the work on the riverfront in the summer inbetween our time at the ISB! But my senior year was all about construction on the mall and having the ISB fall apart. BUT everything is so much nicer now. The ISB gallery is so much nicer.

Abigail said...

I remember the rubble! I was in Providence (Brown) in the early 90s, and it blew my mind when I finally went back a few years ago. It's like a different city. Much nicer, but kinda like Disneyland.