Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All things blue rose

This weekend some of us Blue Rose Girls got together to do some celebrating. There was a lot to celebrate... birthdays for Libby and Alvina, Grace finishing the first draft of her new novel, and my little BRG baby on the way.

There were of course blue rose cupcakes created by Grace:

And blue flowers on the table:

Baby on the way was given the most adorable little blue rose outfit, complete with headband (!):

Then we went out to do some shopping. I've been wanting to make a mobile to go over the baby's crib, something like this (pic via Greyhood):

When we were out and about Libby, Grace and I spotted these lovely Vietnamese "prosperity hens":

Aren't they sweet? We all got some to hang around the house. I am working on how to convert mine into a mobile...


Hope Vestergaard said...

Congrats to all! Anna, the bird mobile is easy, I've been making one following these instructions: http://www.spoolsewing.com/blog/2008/05/16/bird-mobile/. Happy nesting!

Anna Alter said...