Friday, July 16, 2010

almost done!

I forgot to post yesterday. Thursday is my day to post. You probably wouldn't be able to figure that out because I can't recall that last time I've posted on Thursday. I've been really sick for a long time. I'm finally feeling better (more like myself). I don't know how long it will last but I guess I just have to enjoy it for now and try go to get as much work done as possible. I'd gotten a really bad diagnosis (yes, worse than Lupus, but caused by it) called Central Nervous System Vasculitus. It's as serious as it gets. For some reason I haven't yet gotten upset about it. Maybe I won't? Maybe I"m done being upset. But it really took a toll on the whole - get the book done thing. So it's REALLY late. But FINALLY it's almost done!

I'll show some finishes soon. Most of the good ones have been turned in. I talked to my friend Julia (The Secret Plan) about how we do the art - what the order is. We agreed that neither of us do the pieces in order. I tend to get tired of painting at some point and think - eh, good enough - after a while. IF I did the book in order then when you read it the art would go downhill visibly! I usually try to get some of the hard ones out of the way in the beginning while I have the energy to do them for for some reason this time I didn't. So this time I was left painting little people in a parade scene when I was completely out of steam. Oy!

I'm wondering--how do you others paint?

I also change the text after the art is done. Sometimes, like with this book, I can't match the sketches so the art has to be changed. Like for this book I did a lazy sketch of a doctor sending out a telegram. I just ASSUMED that I'd be able to find a good photograph of a person sending out a telegram in the 1920s. WRONG! So now the text has to be changed because the art has to be changed. Woops.

So those are a few little insider things into making a book. Or should I say insider screw-ups.


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alvinaling said...

When I'm working on picture books, I'd say that the text always changes after the art is in, even if just a tiny bit. And this is regardless of whether the author is also the illustrator. It makes sense to reevaluate the book as a whole once all of the components are in.