Friday, August 13, 2010

fashion fight!

So, On the Red Carpet at ALA has put up their Fashion Statement movie showcasing the attendees' finery. Viewers can vote on their fashion favorites. Even though I am the first one showcased, I was the last interview of the evening--it was just about midnight when I was filmed which is why I am babbling incoherently. I am never very good on camera anyway, but at that time of night I was especially unintelligible. I tried to tell the story of the dress but it came out rather jumbled. Sorry, Cindy!

Anyway, I think I am at a disadvantage for the fashion favorite voting. Not only am I inarticulate, I am so short that no one ever gets to see my whole dress. The skirt is the prettiest part, don't you think? Boo.


Anna Alter said...

I just voted! It looks like you are kicking butt in the poll!

Libby Koponen said...

I voted, too! GO GRACE! And what's more important, getting a rave review in the NY TIMES or winning the fashion poll? Not that you get to choose, but if you don't win,that framed review may perhaps be some consolation.