Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all -- and which image?

As Meghan mentioned, I'm trying to get better at photography. If you had to choose one, or two, of these images for a local paper (as I do), which would you pick?

Writing an article for a newspaper, especially an online paper, is really different from writing a book, especially a picture book. The length is about the same: under 1,000 words, as much under as the writer can manage. In my experience, though, writing a picture book takes too many rewrites to count. As the artist changes the paintings, the text of course has to change -- and the time is measured in years, including one year from completion of work to books in hand. A newspaper article is handed in, edited (I was lucky: I got to edit the edits!), and posted.

Completing something so quickly is deeply satisfying. I hope I'll remember that long and intensely enough to use it to finish my current novel. (Something about that reminds me of the song:
"Being chosen as this month's Miss August is an honor I'll remember for as long as I can!") But I think I will remember it and act on it, too.

In the meantime: happy Thanksgiving to all! I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and I hope all of you do, too.

One last thing -- I won't be eating any turkey. No promises, but fish is about the highest I feel like eating on the evolutionary scale, at least for awhile.


alvinaling said...

Hmmm. I'd like the first one, but the background is focused and the foreground a bit blurry. I find the fourth one the most compelling--those turkeys have personality! They look a bit anguished, actually. Perhaps they know their fate...

Is your article online yet? Post a link, please!

Meghan McCarthy said...

The 4th one. The first one would be okay if it weren't so washed out.

Do let us know when the article is up!