Friday, May 06, 2011

APPLE TREE: An Original Acrostic

I’ve written before about an unpublished collection that I began work on a couple of years ago titled Spring into Words: A Season in Acrostics. I decided to write a two-word acrostic for the collection about an apple tree. (I should note that Apple Tree is also a mask poem—as it is told in the voice of the tree itself.)

Last May, I posted the poem at Wild Rose Reader for my mother. A few years ago, we had to have the apple tree in her yard cut down. That really saddened her because my father and her father had planted the tree when I was a child. Looking at all the beautiful blossoming trees in my area recently inspired me to post the poem at Blue Rose Girls today.

A cloud of
Pink blossoms rests in my branches.
Petals, like flakes of fallen snow,
Litter the
Earth below me. My new leaves flaunt their green.

Thousands of honeybees come to visit, flit
Round me, sip my nectar, powder their legs with my pollen.
Every year it’s the same when spring arrives in the orchard.
Every year I burst into bloom and buzz with life.


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