Saturday, July 16, 2011

google plus what?

So I'm madly trying to write my novel, but during my procrastination breaks I've been poking around at google+. My cousin insists that it is a worthwhile venture, far superior to Facebook. He thinks it will make Facebook and twitter obsolete, as FB did to myspace and friendster (poor friendster).

But I still don't quite understand it. Am I suppose to circle people who circle me? Can I have my tweets and blog post on it? Is "+1" the same as liking something? If people are in my circles I can see their posts but if I am not in their circles they cannot see mine, is that right?

I feel like my head is going in circles! Oh well, maybe I'll figure it out after I write my novel...


Anna Alter said...

I like the idea of having different circles, seems like it would be easier to keep professional and private separate. But the idea of starting up on a new site seems like so much work!

Jarrett J. Krosoczka said...

I agree with Anna on all accounts. It's exhausting. I maintain two separate Facebook accounts - private and professional and then it gets confusing -- I have close personal friends from my professional life (like you guys) and sometimes I forget to put you on my personal one as well as my professional one. But then sometimes I end up cross posting bigger pieces of news and I don't want to inundate people.

I just added video to G+ and that seemed to work (Though it isn't visible on an iPad.)

They certainly have lots of kinks to work out. My assessment so far - it's taking the best part of Twitter, people can follow you, retweet you and the best part of FB, pictures, videos, etc.

But yeah -- It's a lot. And I don't know all the etiquette.

Poor Friendster..... And MySpace just really took a turn for the worse.

I arrested myself to the realization in the past year that social networking is no longer a waste of time away from work, but an integral part of work. If only it could finish this artwork for me, I have the deadlines!!