Saturday, July 30, 2011

will you still love me tomorrow?

So, I'm in the last stretches of writing the first draft of my upcoming novel and even though I know it needs a lot revision and work (as well as an ending) I'm in the honeymoon stage of writing. It's that temporary high when the writing is going swimmingly and I find myself thinking, "Hey, this is pretty good! I'm a real writer!"

Unfortunately, I know from experience that this stage never lasts and its length is also much too brief. Before long, the euphoria will leave and I'll be full to the brim of doubt and loathing of what moments before had seemed beautiful.

But I'll try to enjoy it while I can!

My theme song (and a sad nod to Amy Winehouse):


tanita✿davis said...

Ah, first drafts. The heady rush of letter love, the passionate swooning of sentences...

And then reality.

Happy First Draft! Definitely enjoy.

Pam Calvert said...

So, so true...and the self loathing evaporates creativity. Here's hoping your honeymoon period lasts!