Monday, October 08, 2007

Moving into a new studio

As some of you may remember, before the BRG hiatus I was in the process of moving into a new apartment, and creating a new work space. I now live in one 840 square foot room that serves many functions; its a big open modern space and I LOVE it. Before we moved I was nervous there wouldn't be enough division between work space and home life, but now I don't feel that way at all... it feels really efficient having everything in one space, and we had to pare down so its kind of nice not being able to own a lot of stuff. Moving out of my old studio I couldn't believe the stuff I was holding onto for "artistic inspiration," which I now see was basically license to be a pack rat! Okay so this is what it looked like...

The day after moving we woke up to a room full of boxes:

My future studio space- what was the first thing I unpacked? Why, my children's books of course:

My favorite thing so far is this floor to ceiling bookshelf that came with the place, it satisfies many OCD fantasies:

My drafting table is under a giant window, against a wall of exposed brick, and looking out over an engineering/construction business. While I'm painting bunnies I get to watch all kinds of fork lifts and other handy vehicles moving poles around:

Here is the view of my studio from the center of the apartment. My collection of giant plants turn out to be the perfect room dividers:


Elaine Magliaro said...


Your new place looks great!
I like your room dividers.

gail said...

What a great space and a great bookcase!!


Anonymous said...

Your new studio is beautiful! I dream of paring down and simplifying our living arrangements...Congratulations!

P.S. You're obviously a wiz with plants. Check out my post today to see sad evidence that I don't have this skill.

Anonymous said...

What is the book on the table? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my. That is GORGEOUS!

Mary Beth said...

Is there a book in the future about bunnies running a construction site? Just think of all the possibilities that view opens up to you!

Meghan McCarthy said...

Anna, your new place is gorgeous! I'm jealous. I also must say that your containers on the shelves are fabulous--makes me want to buy more containers! I also love the color scheme--it's just right.

I'm sorry I missed your party (had to work) but I hope I can see it in person sometime!


Anna Alter said...

Thanks guys! Its a really fun space to work in, and there is something very zen about being able to see everything you own by turning in a circle.

The book is called What Can You Do with an Old Red Shoe?, its the picture book I'm working on that sort of doubles as a poetry/art activity book. I posted one of the paintings here:

Meghan- I went Ikea-mad on the containers, thanks for noticing. Their coated paper boxes now come in a great new green color...

JenFW said...

I live in similar square footage, but it usually looks like the first two pics rather than the latter ones. Sigh.

I love that floor.

Daniel Mahoney said...

Very cool space, Anna. You can tell that a children's book author-illustrator lives there. Enjoy!

It was nice meeting you last Saturday.