Friday, October 12, 2007


Hello all,

I haven't been feeling so well lately (a car accident didn't help) so I've been having trouble getting things done. But somehow, today, I'm managing to get back to my good old obsessive behavior!

First up is Strong Man on audio! I'm doing it in two parts.

Part one is up (got some fussing to do... made a few mistakes... want to fiddle with the volume, etc., but it's listenable).

Please check it out! Tell me what you think.


Daniel Mahoney said...

Mistakes? That was perfect, and very creative. I love all the background noises and the music fits the story nicely -I'm looking forward to part two.

Libby Koponen said...

That's great Meghan - and I think I forgot to tell you the other night in all the excitement that I read and love STRONG MAN. Now I can hear it too, very cool.

Anonymous said...

Love it Meghan!
You have a great reading voice, and the music is perfect!