Thursday, October 18, 2007

pre-Robert's Snow auction today!

Hello all,

Today is the Society of Illustrators opening. Perhaps some of you are attending. Even if you don't have a ticket, please come to the after party! My agent and Fuse #8 are organizing it. It will be at

Baker Street - Irish Pub - (1152 1st Avenue, corner of 63rd Street) at 8:00

Here's the deal: My fellow author/illustrator pal Jarrett Krosoczka thought it would be a great idea to raffle off some illustrator sketches/art for Robert's Snow. Just buy a raffle ticket (money goes to Robert's Snow) and you may win an amazing original piece of art!

I am donating this:

This is an ORIGINAL sketch for the cover of my book Aliens! There is only one finished sketch for the cover and this is it. Buy a ticket tonight and you may soon be the owner! The raffle will take place at Baker Street so please come! Fun for all!

Here are some other artists donating art:
Mo Willems
David Ezra Stein
Dan Yaccarino
Peter Brown
Selina Alko
Scott Magoon
Sean Qualls
Of course Jarrett…

And more! Illustrators, if you are donating something send me an email – and I’ll add your name!

See you soon!

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