Friday, January 02, 2009

Grace Lin Books Group

So, my New Year's resolutions are up and running...though, no thanks to me. I am miserable with a cold, looking oh-so-glamourous-like this:

(like my hat? It was an X-mas gift!)

But resolution #8 (lucky 8!) has begun thanks to cyber-friend Jenny who started a Grace Lin Books Group on Facebook. She also made a Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Book Release Event too! Isn't that neat? Thanks, Jenny!

Please join! It'd be fun to have an online booklaunch! Once my congestion clears up, I'll try to think of some fun virtual party favors, as I think virtual cupcakes are sorely lacking in tastiness.

*question to self--do I join my own book group, or is that weird? Hopefully answer will be forthcoming as my head clears.


gael lynch said...

Definitely join! People will be MOST interested in hearing from you, Grace Lin. I, however, am not allowed to join kids think that's just too weird for them! It's NOT fair! I will enjoy your books from the sidelines. :)

Unknown said...

Yes you join your own book club or we'll be having virtual parties behind your back:)

Oh, and Gael, I'm on facebook but I will not friend my kids or my nieces and nephews. Forget them thinking I am weird, I know that they are weird and I wouldn't want my fb friends privy to their status updates.

KellyAnne said...

i wish i could find a way to email you.. but i cant. i am searching online for help on how to publish a childrens book...and i wanted to talk to an author themself...could you perhaps tell me my first step?
ps. ive got a cold too =(

gael lynch said...

Start writing...that really is the first step! Nobody will knock on your door and tell you you're qualified, that's for sure! Log onto and you'll find a wealth of information. Grace Lin's work is wonderful. Read her work and the work of others to find your way.
I take workshops with Patricia Reilly Giff. I'm certain there are workshops like that around you. I am not published, but I keep working at it.
Jill, thanks for the advice. I'm going to give it serious consideration. Who is the boss, anyway?

Grace Lin said...

Thanks for your comments!

Kelly Anne--Unfortunately, I am not a good resource on how to get a book published, so many things have changes since I have started. Gael has great advice and pointed you exactly to where I would've. The SCBWI is a great organization where I learned the ropes, as well as my first editor, Harold Underdown, site:

But as Gael said, the first thing to do is WRITE! Good luck with your publishing journey.

Gael--hope to see you on facebook!

KellyAnne said...

wow you both are so kind! i didnt expect to get answers so soon. thank you so much! well my first step is done..or so i think. i have a book ready and all, i just wanna send it in somewhere. im at work right now and it is terribly slow (considering its a hospital, thats a good thing right?) so i will look at these websites. i have another question for you... if i want to be the illistrator for my childrens book, do i need to have the illistrations done before i send it in? and again, thank you guys so much for your help!