Thursday, January 15, 2009

sketches and gum

I stayed up until early this morning to turn in a piece for the "launch meeting" for my bubble gum book. Oy. I was trying to get onto a normal schedule again. So much for that. I did manage to finish an illustration in one evening. Go me. The pink one (ends) has not been finished. Of course I have no idea if they like the art or hate it. I guess I'll have to wait....

I bought a book a few weeks ago called AN ILLUSTRATED LIFE. It's all about artist sketch books w/interviews and interior drawings. I've never been able to keep a sketch book but am fascinated by the people who do.

I love this quote: "My sketchbook is the opposite of my job. It's like a pocket-sized vacation." For me keeping a sketch book is a chore. I did read one comment about doodling that I 100% identified with. I can't find the actual quote but the artist said that doodling helps him pay attention. What first seems rude is actually a way of keeping on track and listening to the person/people talk. I am the same way. Lots of times if I doodle while some one is talking I have an easier time listening.

anyway, I highly recommend getting the book. It's really great and the sketch books are amazing!



Kimbra Kasch said...

Oh I had a sketch book when I was growing up - loved to doodle all the time.


Anonymous said...


I love the endpapers. I like them in their current state. They look perfect to me.


Anna Alter said...

Ooo I love those gumballs!! I don't keep a sketchbook either, at least not one for drawing outside work. I've always wished I was one of those people who has a beautiful sketchbook, but I'm just not!