Wednesday, December 16, 2009

buying books

Give books for the holidays! Its no secret that the book industry is weak and struggling. As I said last year consider a gift that will truly leave a long lasting meaning to the people in your life. Yes, baby clothes are cute. Yes, video games are cool. But books enrich your life in a way that is timeless. They are important. And we need them to stick around.

Me, I've been doing my part. Thanks to the Books with Flair program I am participating in (fyi-last chance to get your orders in for an autographed book is FRIDAY, I'm going out of town after that) I go to the bookstore very often and buying lots' o books (I'll show you the list one Monday)!

However, for some people I was planning on giving a copy of my own book...which I am a little hesitant to give by itself. But thanks to the MotherReader: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon post I found inspiration.

I might actually give my book with some:

goldfish! but only to those local friends.

For those farther away (and wishing a less splashy present) I think I will send the book with this sweet necklace:

or these rabbit rice bowls:

Those match pretty well, don't you think? Of course if I really wanted to coordinate, I could always send stuff from my own store!

But I love the way MotherReader has thought of these creative ways to give books for the holidays. In fact, she has 105 ways to do it! So, you can do it too!


Amy said...

I love giving and getting books for Christmas. One of my favorite Christmas presents was a vintage copy of Little Women! :) I like the idea of throwing in a gift related to the story as well.

MotherReader said...

Thanks for the link to my list! I'm giving your book with a different necklace I found on Etsy, because goldfish were Out of the Question this year. I LOVE the goldfish necklace you found though - it's perfect.

Christine Tripp said...

For the first time in my oldest Grandson's 17 years on this planet, he has asked for books for Christmas. Before reading his first real book (of course, it was "Twilight") he had never opened a book (thus he failed high school English every year)
I have bought (off his Christmas list) "The Host" (natch) and the GN "30 Days of Night" the series.
Until 4 months ago, this boy wouldn't open a book if you paid him, now he takes books with him on the bus to work... thank you Ms. Meyers, where ever you are!:)
Books as gifts rock! (for the young and old alike)