Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween on the way

I've long had dreams of coming up with super creative costumes for my kid when the time came, but it would seem that we are still at the age where Tilly would likely tolerate a costume for not more than ten minutes before pulling it off and taking it apart to examine it. So this year I'm afraid I will have to settle for admiring other's crafty projects. Oh Happy Day! has been posting a number of adorable costumes in recent weeks. In particular I thought this one was sweet, based on The Red Balloon. I had the book as a kid and was totally fascinated. Do you have any big plans for your trick-or-treater?

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Libby Koponen said...

Fun! Thank you!

And thanks to Nelson's comment and the link he posted on my he-peed-in-his-pants post, I am helping to make a gladiator costume for Jake.....I sent the story to his mother and Jake was fascinated.

I'm not the most gifted person when it comes to crafts, but they know that and making the costume should be fun.