Saturday, October 06, 2012



When one novel has come out really well, it's scary to write the next -- at least for me. And if the first novel has DONE really well, and the next book doesn't, the failure is public.So  I admire Grace not only for how good STARRY RIVER OF THE SKY is, but for having the guts to write it.
And  I'm really, really happy that STOTS has garnered 5 starred reviews....and even happier to (finally, because I've been in Scotland) meet Rain Dragon and see how healthy and happy she is. But more on her later--I'm looking forward to getting to know her and Anna's daughter better and posting many "real children" posts about them in the years to come.

Earlier this week, because so many people wanted signed copies of SROTS (yay! Below is part of hte crowd waiting for Grace to speak at Porter Square Books in Cambridge:)
Grace had to go back and sign more. Carol Stoltz, one of the great owners,had  an entire cart of books ready for her to sign.

I volunteered to go with her and help with Rain Dragon, one of whose many charms is that whenever I talk, she watches me with intense interest  (this is not just my imagination: she stares and listens as though she is sure that what I am saying is fascinating). But sometimes, Rain Dragon needed to sit on Grace's lap, where she kept wanting to help with whatever her mother was doing with that pen.

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Grace Lin said...

aww, Libby, thanks for this nice post! Rain Dragon adored watching and listening to you talk, she never looks at me like that when I talk and I talk to her all day! I'm pretty sure she missed you when you left, she was so much more subdued after everyone was gone!