Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mine at last!


This came today, from a friend on the island:

I don't know if you can see it, but the sign says "SOLD" -- sold to me.

The plot I own is TINY, and behind the tall stone wall. It looks out onto the fields on the right -- and the ocean.

I plan to plant it with meadow grass and wildflowers, and IF I get planning permission, put a shepherd's hut on it. Shepherds' huts were used in the lambing season by shepherds, which is why they have wheels. Mine will look like this one -- but it's a bit bigger (7.5 x 16), dark green outside, a yellowy cream inside; and it will have more windows.

If I don't get planning permission, the builder will ship it here (to America). Either way, it will be the perfect place to write and I'm thankful to have it.
And I am thankful for the land, and for the magical months I've already spent on the island.

And so this has something to do with children's books: Raoul Dahl did all his writing in a real (original) shepherd's hut. His I think was bright yellow but I will have a better chance of getting planning permission with a more conservative color: British racing green will suit the landscape better anyhow.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Anna Alter said...

Happy Thanksgiving Libby, what great news!

Naomi Canale said...

I LOVE these little cottages! My husband is going to build me one in a few years and I'm slowly collecting all the material to do one out of reclaimed material :) I hope you will show us yours when it arrives!!