Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First resolution

Like some of the other BRG, I've set my resolutions for the year. I'm feeling encouraged that this year my list is both practical and achievable.

My first goal is to create a more inspiring work space. Since we moved into our cozy cabin in the woods, space has been a challenge, there is just not quite enough room for everything. I've had my work things spread throughout the house in a disorganized way for some time, and I feel like it has really affected my productivity.

So at last I've centralized it all. I turned our makeshift office/storage spot/place to put things we don't know what to do with into a little studio. I am already feeling much more inspired to work in this space. Cheers to checking off resolution #1!




Libby Koponen said...

Wow! What a difference -- and it does look inspiringly organized.

Anna Alter said...

Thanks Libby! I'm ruthlessly purging.

Elaine Magliaro said...


Purging is something I definitely have to do! No matter how much "stuff" I throw away/donate--there is still so much to be gotten rid of before we move. I'm hoping I'll be able to set up a good working/writing space for myself once we're settled into our new place.

Anna Alter said...

Elaine- Yes it is endless, it's baffling how much stuff we hold on to! Best of luck in clearing the decks to you.