Thursday, September 20, 2007

See the 2007 Robert's Snowflakes!!!

I’m so excited. The snowflakes that many talented children’s book illustrators have created for Robert’s Snow 2007 are now available for viewing online at the Robert’s Snow website. Click here to reach the online auction page.

When the Robert’s Snow 2007 Auctions Will Be Held
  • Auction 1: November 19-23
  • Auction 2: November 26-30
  • Auction 3: December 3-7


Anonymous said...

I have been reading Blue Rose Girls since I met Alvina at the Eastern New York SCBWI conference in June. I have never posted but I was so moved by the grace of Grace...

If We Only Lived A Season

If we only lived a season,
we would stand there in the mud.
The spring rains would be falling,
the trees would start to bud.

If we only lived a season,
we’d lie underneath the shade.
Marvel at the tree tops,
the wonder that God made.

If we only lived a season,
we’d see the leaves in all their glory.
Brilliant orange, red and gold,
the grand finale of a story.

If we only lived a season,
we’d see life just pass us by.
Grey and cold and barren,
It would seem it all had died.

Yet we don’t live that season,
we are around enough to know.
That in the spring there will be rain,
new buds will always grow.

Today we live one season,
with a beginning, middle, end.
We don’t recall the coming rain,
can’t see around he bend.

I believe our season,
stretches past what we can know.
I believe that when love leaves us
It has no where else to go…

Kimberly J. Sabatini

Anonymous said...
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