Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone gave thanks, and ate to their stomach's content...or perhaps discontent.

Just curious--did anyone win a snowflake? I was bidding on a bunch, and hoped to win at least one, but I totally forgot about the time difference now that I'm on the West Coast and wasn't able to bid again before the auctions ended! Bummer. Can't wait till next week...I MUST win another snowflake!


Anonymous said...

I did! I won one! Though I couldn't tell for sure until today. I had the same west coast problem. I checked the bidding at about a quarter to 2 and then freaked when I realized the auction would end in 15 minutes. I upped my bid and then when I went back and it was closed, I couldn't see any of the prices so I didn't know if I had won or lost. I finally got notification today.

I won "Maude" by Ilene Richard. There's something about the 3D ones that appeal to me - those authors thinking outside of the box.

alvinaling said...

Oh, yay! And I must amend my post, I did win one after all, just got the notification--I won John Nez's Blue Swan, Pink Owl. Hurray!!

Wendie O said...

Oh those were lovely snowflakes. I just peeked at the list and was disappointed to see N/A after each one. I wanted to see how much each one went for. (how much over my budget, that is.)


Rita said...

All the snowflakes I wanted were out of my range by the time I even looked! That's a great thing, but I want to at least *help* drive up the price. ;) I've got my eye on several more.