Thursday, June 18, 2009

dear readers...

I'm sorry I didn't post again this week! I'm bad. I had a lot to deal with today. I woke up, ate, got nauseous, crashed on the couch and waited to feel better basically ALL DAY. I also had to get out of jury duty and spent the rest of the day (not that there was much left) tracking down where my medical excuse letter was existing (one of 3 dr offices) Then I ran to the courthouse in the rain, illegally parked, only to be sent away at the door. Well, first I got to the back door (still with time to spare) only to be told that I couldn't go in that door and had to go around, which was like 3 blocks away. by the time I ran there in the rain I was sent home and told to "come back tomorrow." Of course I can't because I was supposed to get out of jury duty BEFORE jury duty was to begin. So now I don't know what will happen to me. I might go to jail. Is that a tad dramatic? Well, I'd like to see them put me in jail. Go ahead! Do it! I'd be no less miserable there than laying on the couch all day feeling sick.

The good news is that the artwork for the bubblegum book is FINALLY done. Of course I still have the author's note to go and until I finish that I will have to continue living on rice and pasta only. No kidding that's all I've been eating. That's all I can afford! I'm broke, broke, broke, broke, broke, broke.

Yes, this blog post is a rant and I apologize for that. It's just that being a freelancer isn't easy. It sucks. Sucks, sucks, sucks. Sometimes, when things go right, it's great. Really great. I can wake up when I want to. Go to bed when I want to. I get big checks in the mail (not lately - believe me!), I get free lunches, I get to be creative, I get to see my visions come to life... and so on. Lots of great things. But you have to take the good with the bad and right now I'm in bad-zone- land. Perhaps if I felt I had my health back I wouldn't be so cranky. Perhaps if jury duty didn't keep knocking on my door when I repeatedly told them I had an autoimmune disease and WOULD NOT be getting better I'd be happier. Who knows. Now I must figure out what to do about the fact that my stupid printer is out of ink (magenta mind you) and I can't print out the doctor's letter of excusal (I took my computer with me today instead of paper). Why can't it print a B&W letter! I don't care about magenta! AAAARrrrrg.

thank you for listening to my frustration. I hope things will be better soon... for your sakes.



Libby Koponen said...

Well I hope they are better soon for YOURS.

btw I did hear a story on NPR about people going to jail for skipping jury duty BUT ONLY PEOPLE WHO HAD SKIPPED IT SEVERAL TIMES....never filled out the forms or done anything for, I think, three times (three separate jury duties).

btw I think there should be a law that freelancers have to be either automatically excused or PAID if they go.....employers have to pay their employees while they're on jury duty, why should we have to lose income? What if you're on for weeks and weeks? what are you supposed to live on?

yes, I know they pay something but nothing like what it costs to live in NY or Boston (where I was when I had it last).

That's MY rant for the day!

Meghan McCarthy said...

Um, yeah... it's ridiculous. I got called for Grand Jury Duty, which is one month, no exemptions. I would not be able to pay my rent if I had to go! It seems so unfair. I guess that's the one silver lining for having an autoimmune disease, though I'd take the jury duty and loss of rent any day. Still... and suppose you got on a case and it went on for months?