Thursday, February 25, 2010


I finished the frame and fixed the fact that I cut the mat wrong. You can tell if you look closely but hopefully no one will look closely! I want to post a picture of the finish but I'm too lazy to take a picture. I'll do it eventually. I promise. It's snowing like crazy here!

Anyway, speaking of other things that need fixing - my website, I have just realized, has said that my book Seabiscuit and Astronaut Handbook are "coming soon" - and it has said this for over a year! AAA! The problem is that I make things really hard for myself. These things are not easy to change. I put a background of text behind the books to make a nice design. Example:

(note how it says the date)

Anyway, first I don't recall where I saved the image for that. And then, once I find it, I have to figure out how to fix all of this and add new books and so on. GRRR!!! I make so much work for myself!

Also, I'm participating in a bunch of events this coming month with some Brooklyn ladies and we did a little blog interview thing - it's like the radio but not actually "on air" but rather on a blog. Before I participated I thought of how cool it would be to start my own show. I could interview guests and so on. (apparently anyone can start their own - it's like a blog but you call in). So I did it and then tried to listen to a bit if it. Okay--nails on chalk board! I must have said "um" so many times! Eeek! Awful! I dreamed of being on NPR but forget it.

Okay, so those are my A.D.D topics for the day.


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Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, I just found your website yesterday.
That long blog comment thing you got going recently got me wondering if you had a website. I should have known. Anyway, your site is so fun and your blog there keeps me reading.