Wednesday, May 19, 2010

year of the tiger

As Anna wrote in her post, some of the BRG got together this weekend. Destiny or fate, most of the time it was the four of us that were born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger, which is the year it is right now. This means that is it is a life changing year for us. When it is YOUR year, it doesn't mean it is a lucky year, it means it is an important year--a year where you will make decisions that will effect the next 12 year cycle.

Which was probably why the question: If you could wish for any other author or illustrator or editor's career, whose would it be (that is who has a path you relate to and hope for)? came up.

This is the year we have to decide "which way the twig bends before it becomes a branch," and it's nice to look at others for examples. And while we talked and dreamed about careers like luminaries such Rosemary Wells, Kate DiCamillio, Sharon Creech, and Kevin Henkes, Libby pointed out, that in the end, you really shouldn't want anyone else's career but your own. In fact, you shouldn't be trying to emulate someone else's path but be making your own.

Which is completely true and is the journey we are all on. However, I do admit to a couple of hopeful glances in other directions!

What children's book creator do YOU emulate?


Dad said...

I'm not ashamed to say that I totally try to emulate other authors. I pull from lots of folks but my old standby is Maurice Sendak.

Also, at the risk of sounding obsequious, I see a lot of stuff on this blog that I try to reporduce in my own work.

Blue Rose Girls + Maurice Sendak = me?

Grace Lin said...

maurice sendak is a good one! I think that is one all illustrators aim for...