Tuesday, August 10, 2010

OH NO! Eyewitness Charity Auction

Like Grace, I recently sent off my piece for author/illustrator extraordinaire Dan Santat's Eyewitness charity auction for 826LA, featuring his new book OH NO!. He sent the manuscript for this very clever story to a variety of illustrators to interpret in their own way. Check out all the pieces here!

The work will be shown at the Nucleus Gallery in LA from August 14-17th, and then auctioned off on ebay beginning on August 23rd. Don't forget to check out the book too, which Dan illustrated brilliantly!


Grace Lin said...

oooh! I LOVE yours!!! So sweet!

Meghan McCarthy said...

Anna, I think you've got something hiding in you that needs to come out! Like a new kind of story or something. This art is really great! I love it--it's so odd, the way the robot is stomping over head and the rabbits are bouncing underneath without knowing quite what's going on. I'd like to buy this one myself.