Monday, August 08, 2011

giraffes and bookshelves

I've been editing all weekend, and of course would get distracted by the wonders of the internet. Somehow (I think maybe via Facebook) I stumbled on this website, HappyPlace, and may have wasted an hour or so laughing. I take that back: laughing is never a waste of time. This is a little off topic, so I'll share one of the best posts, having to do with children.

"Unintentionally offensive test answers from young children."

Warning: much of the content is off-color. But this is my favorite one:


These two posts about signs are hilarious as well.

Not that any of us need more time wasters, but hey, laughing is healthy.

In other news, I was admiring Laini Taylor's blog post about color-coded bookshelves, and it reminded me of an editor who in interviews always asks how the interviewee arranges his/her books. I suppose it comes from working at a bookstore, but I arrange mine by age range: picture books, Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult. And my adult books are further separated by nonfiction and fiction. Boring, huh?

How do you all organize your book collections?


Ashes said...

Thanks for the fun link! I was giggling like a maniac at the signs, especially. The "A Few Good Men" reference cracked me up-to-the-point-of-tears. And the tripping cat warning: COMEDY GOLD. Perfect way to start a Monday!

Anonymous said...


Tricia said...

That post by Laini was eye candy for sure. I would love to organize my books that way, but I doubt I would ever find anything. My books are organized by poetry (which is alphabetical!), fiction, and nonfiction. The fiction is grouped by type--fantasy, mystery, classics, etc.
It may look out of order to anyone else, but I can find titles quickly.

Anna Alter said...

Those signs are hilarious! I organize my books by size, but I've been enjoying this recent trend of organizing them by color... maybe that will be next.